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aligned with your quality
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Partner with successful builders, aligned with your business.

Direct access to builders

Get in front of new and current builders with projects that suit your business.

Time saved with every builder

Reduce follow up with improved visibility – one easy process for all builders.

Quote to win

No time-wasting tenders – get access to committed projects that match your business.

Instant builder network

Builders find you with aligned projects

Finding great residential construction projects aligned to your business, with builders that work the way you want, is random and costly.

BuiltGrid gives you direct access to the right builders and projects. You are invited to projects from builders that require your materials, trades and services with specified quality and service features. Everyone involved in residential construction is joining BuiltGrid. Join and receive project invites.

Maximise your time

Your time is valuable, maximise your productivity

Too much time is wasted securing work. Interpreting plans. Following up builders for specifics that want an answer tomorrow. And then its likely the work never goes ahead or its lost to competitors offering lower grade products or service. The list goes on…

You’ll only see committed work on BuiltGrid. All builders quote requests are shared in a standardised and detailed structure with access to required documentation, clear and realistic timelines. All the information is in one location, including digital POs and contracts to lock in supply and services.

Aligned builder projects

Improve quote conversions and profits

Quality and service features you offer get lost in a piles of quotes for each project. Your point of difference and recommendations are missed. You’re often competing against suppliers offering inferior product and unsuited to the project.

BuiltGrid lets you quote to win on only committed projects that have been matched to your quality, service features and other attributes. The detailed quote submission and comparison helps highlight your advantage over other offers, featuring value over price. Stand out from competitors and join BuiltGrid today.

BuiltGrid connects you with builder’s projects

How BuiltGrid works for suppliers and trades

Jobs Select one or all job types. Supply & install, materials and services. Select all the jobs you provide Services quality, services and specialisation. Highlight your Get invited to qualified matched projects QuoteRequest information in the same format, everytime. Every builder provides the required Quote requests structured for you QuoteSubmit Quote submissions highlight your valued points of difference. Value over price QuoteVisibility submitted, contract, conversion. All in one location. More visibility than ever - inviting, quoting, Never miss another job

BuiltGrid saves you

Whether you’re working with new or existing builders, having a structured quote request with clear responses through a defined quote cycle gives you hours back on every job.

Re-invest your valuable time in your business, securing more like-minded builders and re-allocating your team and resources to other areas of need.

Try for yourself

Key savings for suppliers and trades

– Focused activity on committed work.
– Access to project documents and accurate job inclusions.
– Realtime communications and notifications.
– Positioning quotes with fit-for-purpose value proposition.
– Realtime quote conversion status.
– One-click digital contract generation.
PLUS new business expansion opportunities.