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A New Channel to Committed Work with Consistent Builder Business Process Slashes Operating Costs

Quote for committed work

Quote to win on planned and committed work only, while saving time with clear scope of inclusions, one point of and shared schedule.

Streamline business processes

Builders on BuiltGrid work to best practice so you can streamline your business based on predictable consistent business process.

Reduce delays, waste and rework

Improve forecasting, inventory and resourcing through increased visibility and consistent progress updates on contracted jobs won.

BuiltGrid brings collaboration, visibility and automation to residential construction
- We work on a job basis with a clear scope of inclusion and timelines.
- BuiltGrid is your one point of contact for jobs across a project.
- Every job has a digital communication channel from quote to contract to fulfilment.
- The BuiltGrid platform reduces your cost to serve and allows you to win more work.

Partner with successful builders on BuiltGrid. It's your new channel to planned and committed projects from like-minded builders. This is an opportunity to access valuable builder relationships, improve margins through streamlining business processes and forecast inventory and resourcing more accurately.

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How BuiltGrid Works

1. Committed Channel

  • Once you've selected job regions and job types you provide, you will begin receiving invites to quote on BuiltGrid builder projects - new construction and additions that builders have contracted with their customers.
  • Projects are listed, including developments with multiple homes, with all documentation - working drawings, elevations, engineering, compliance, land and soil and takeoffs all kept current in one place.
  • With BuiltGrid, you have one point of contact, the ability to accept or decline quote invites and realtime updates to keep everyone informed.

2. Quality Quotes

  • Builders are lead through our job selection and inclusion system, ensuring you get all the necessary job detail to provide your most accurate quote.e.
  • Quote with confidence as all project documents, statement of work, job inclusion formation and timelines are provided in one location. No phone tag.
  • Quote to win, knowing that quotes are compared using the same statement of work standards and we give you an opportunity to provide valuable information to differentiate beyond price.

3. Contract Jobs

  • One-click quote acceptance from the builder triggers digital contract generation and notifies unsuccessful suppliers.
  • Moving to contract means materials, services and statement of work are locked in well ahead of schedule to improve demand planning and get projects completed on time.
  • Signing digital contracts within the system creates tight alignment of priorities and deliverables for you and the builder, streamlining reconciliation and payments.

4. Job Workflow

  • Updated job workflow provides visibility, improving everyone's ability to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Realtime chat, allows for quick and easy follow up and clarification so everyone can get on with their day.
  • Jobs are managed for events that drive efficiency - schedules, customer selections, measures, plan checks, variations, etc.. Less rework, errors and delays.
  • Rate and give partner feedback on job completion and handover keeps everyone focused on quality and efficiency.

BuiltGrid Saves You

Real world analysis of builder and supplier business processes shows BuiltGrid can save tens of thousands every year. And thats just the job quote to contract cycle!*

Use the time savings calculator to get an indication of the savings for your business.

Try for yourself

BuiltGrid Savings Calculator

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* BuiltGrid workflow and compliance features will provide additional savings.
- BuiltGrid is free to builders.
- Gross supplier cost savings are prior to BuiltGrid fees.