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The free builder’s supplier network that makes it easy to lock in supply.

75% time saving

Save weeks of admin and office time per project

How much time do you spend requesting quotes, following up responses, comparing documents, making changes, confirming orders?

Add your projects to BuiltGrid for quick quote invites and easy-to-read comparisons in one place. Lock in your materials, trades and services with one-click.

Maximise your value

Lock in price and supply of materials, trades & services

It’s not about how many homes you build. It’s your project quality and process that should be valued.

Managing your committed project within the BuiltGrid network gives you the control to get your materials, trades and services on time and within budget.

Instant supplier network

Supplier network to exceed customer expectations

In a fast growing industry, materials, trades and services are in high demand. Things outside your control can have a huge impact on your business.

BuiltGrid gives you an instant, extended supplier network which matches the quality and service features of your project. Together with your existing suppliers, you will always exceed your customers expectations.

You're the builder

You’ve won your project (or had a spec home approved). You own it. You control it and can maximise your value.

Reduce project risk

Builders use BuiltGrid to lock in price, supply and maximise value.

Connect your project

The industry network that helps you to meet your timelines and increase profits.

BuiltGrid is free to builders

How BuiltGrid works for builders

Project Residential construction... Detached homes, multi-res or additions. List your project Jobs Choose materials, trades and services... one job at a time, in stages or all at once. Choose from 300+ jobs per project Inclusions Receive accurate, complete job quotes matched to your project requirements. Job inclusions made easy Suppliers Easily select suppliers matched to your project or add your own. Invite your suppliers of choice Quote Mgt Complete quote status visibility on one screen All quotes in one location

BuiltGrid saves you

Most builders don’t place enough value on their time.

Using BuiltGrid saves you hours of office work across every job within a build.

These time gains allow you to secure your next project, use your craft on the job or hang out with your family…

Try for yourself

Key builder savings

– One process for all suppliers with access to project documents and statements of work.
– Quotes are stored in one place and accurately reflect your job requirements.
– Identify real value through side-by-side job-specific quote comparisons.
– Realtime communications and notifications.
– Realtime quote updates and status.
– One-click digital contract secures materials and services