Construction Scheduling Software for Home Builders

No project delays. No stress.

We automatically generate and maintain live project schedules based on procurement and job activity.

Project schedules on auto pilot

Until the BuiltGrid project planner, the few builders that used project schedules, had to create and maintain it manually.

Project schedules on our platform are first generated by the builder’s project template and updated when digital orders are signed or a job changes status.

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Trades turn up on time with automated call-ups.

Reducing inactive days on site (grey days) is one of the keys to handing over homes on time.

We drive these efficiencies through automating job actions in the project schedule, the most common being call-ups. The call-up day range is managed by each trade and supplier to reflect the way they work. For example, if a window manufacturer has 45-day call-up, a builder will confirm with 1-click.

If the builder pushes the delivery date back, the project and supplier’s schedules are adjusted. And suppliers with jobs in the new call-up range are notified.

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Better insights so everyone is on the same page

Building homes is complex, with lots of moving parts. Until a job within a project is complete, there many events, activities and statuses it shifts through.

We track them all and make specifc sharable information about projects visible to the participating trades and suppliers. Working in this way reduces fluctuations in price and supply, and gets homes built on time and within budget.

An industry working smarter together

Thousands of builders working thousands of different ways adds unecessary layers of cost to a home.

We help builders align key business processes with trades and suppliers so everyone is better planned. Materials and labour can be timed and scheduled in line with project readiness.

This collaboration model is built into the BuiltGrid platform at each step of the procurement process – scope, quote invites, quote comparison, digital orders and scheduling.

We're helping Australia build more homes, efficiently.

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