Budget Tracking Software for Builders

Stay within your project budget.

Stay within budget through a streamlined business process with BuiltGrid’s Best Builder framework.

Control material and labour costs from your scope through to quotes and order stages to deliver on time and lock in 8.75% gains.

Preparation leads to profit.

Best practice construction management starts with an estimate when soliciting work from prospective home buyers.

It helps reduce risk when the project is contracted and is a valuable input for defining the project budget.

Combining the estimate with a project template and manual budget adjustments, a project baseline is created.

You’ll want to make more budget adjustments through the procurement process as the system shows how quotes and committed order values compare to the budget and projected profit.

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Locking in profit one order at a time.

Most builders fly blind once they’ve started construction. The schedule never gets updated, and procurement is typically last minute.

With BuiltGrid, it’s reassuring to see projected profits confirmed through the procurement process as the system shows how average quote value and signed order values compare marketing pricing and supply with the budget.

You always know where you stand compared to your budget for materials, labour and services.

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Efficiency wins the cash.

We’ve created the most innovative, end-to-end project and procurement management system for you to build your profits.

Now we’re going one step further so you can save even more time with financial admin.

We’re in the process of expanding accounting app integrations for orders and invoices. This function will facilitate faster reconciliation, leverage chat communications, and create a stress-free process for you to pay deposits and job payments to trades and suppliers.

Profit from connected projects.

Collaboration, visibility and automation.

Your goals of building homes on time and within budget are achieved through a system of connected trades and suppliers – all collaborating with full system visibility and automation.

The Best Builder framework embedded in the platform will direct you to lock in price and supply before construction begins. It tracks job status and budget through to handover and beyond.

This way will ensure you have your budgeted profits in your bank account at the end of the project. 8.75% gains are waiting for you, so get started now.


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