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Job Management Software for Home Builders

Build on time every time.

Reduce your grey days and maximise productivity on site with integrated reminders, notifications and chat – for your team and all of your trades and suppliers.
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Collaborate through one channel

There’s a smart, job-based communication channel that links all of the relevant trades, suppliers, docs, scope and job detail in one place. Chat direct with the trade, supplier or your team.

Capture photos through the life cycle of a job which, along with discussion and docs, are saved for each job within a project for future reference.

Your project. You're in control

While most of the project and procurement management is automated, you can step in to make manual adjustments to job priorities and project schedules.

We understand sometimes one job takes priority over another, and team availability or weather extends the projected days of a job. You can easily adjust job orders, projected days and dependencies.

Dependencies keep your jobs joined and ensure jobs are completed in the best order, especially when there’s an automated schedule change.

Easy variation/change order management

The job order provides a base and framework for potential variations, reconciliation, payment and future warranty. Job variations are an irritating but necessary part of custom home building. We’re in the process of expanding our digital job order system to support variations.

This function will facilitate faster approvals, accurate communication and create a stress-free process for builders, trades and suppliers.

Project insights to drive profit

Uncover actionable insights to improve productivity, project schedule, and profits. Your goals of building homes on time and within budget are more easily achieved by monitoring job status in projects. What’s quoted, ordered, called up, delayed, in progress and planned is all captured.

There are 1-click actions embedded with statuses so you can quickly make changes to improve outcomes and project performance.

Builder Procurement and Project Management System

We're helping Australia build more homes, efficiently.

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