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Procurement Software For Construction

Automate project scope, quotes and orders with 1-click

Get back control and visibility you need to manage your construction projects with automated quotes, orders and project schedules. Project scope templates flow through the procurement process to make quote and order management easy. Specific attributes of trades and suppliers like job type, quality, region, etc., are matched so it helps you reduce project costs by 8.75%.
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Get back control of price and supply

When it comes to procurement, leaving things to a weeks out or last minute costs you big money. Locking in price and supply of materials, trades and services early in the project helps you sleep at night and ensure you retain projected project profits.

Our Best Builder framework leads you through the key steps to managing your building projects. The complete methodology is built into the BuiltGrid platform to deliver you the savings.

The automated scope that drives successful procurement

No more “quote this” emails. In construction, your scope of work is everything. Get it right and your whole project runs smoothly. We’ve automated the creation of the scope of work for all of your projects so the process is point and click with minimal typing.

The trade and supplier selection for each of the jobs across your project are matched to your scope. When your project is listed, they all receive quote invites with full job specifications. No more back and forth on phone and email.

Your project requirements, matched with trades and suppliers

Traditionally, invitations from builders are sent via email to their supplier’s email inbox with the subject of “quote this”! Even if they’re a mismatch in the work, trades and suppliers feel pressure to respond as they want to preserve the builder relationship.

This causes unnecessary quoting effort in the industry and often leads to problems when jobs are performed on-site. The BuiltGrid system matches business attributes of your trades and suppliers like job type, quality, region, availability, and more across your project.

Compare quotes without digging through emails

In the past builders have had to save quotes into folders and print them for a detailed review. This proves too hard so purchasing decisions are often based on viewing the quote total. Quote reviews should focus on the value creation and the total cost of completing a job in a project.

Since BuiltGrid is based on a full project scope of work, submitted quotes are accurate and more easily compared. Today, builders don’t have to rely on email or printing. Quotes can be reviewed digitally, side-side with all attachments, inclusions and exclusions on one page, ready for orders to be scheduled.

Lock in price and supply with 1-click

Typically, confirming orders have been done by phone or email, yet verbal contracts without specifics are a thing of the past. With supply and labour shortages, last-minute ordering is no longer a viable option.

With BuiltGrid, a builder uses a digital job order to lock in the price and supply of labour and materials for every job within a project, ideally within 30 days of signing a customer contract.

Job orders include the scope of work, and all documents related to the job are signed by both parties. Each will add its standard terms and conditions along with the estimated schedule. Move from quote selection to order with one click!

Easy variation/change order management

Coming soon…

The job order provides a framework for potential variations, reconciliation, payment and future warranty. Job variations are an irritating but necessary part of custom home building. We’re in the process of expanding our digital job order system to support variations.

This function will facilitate faster approvals, accurate communication and create a stress-free process for builders, trades and suppliers.

Done for you supplier management

Other than using the ‘connect’ function and favouriting your key trades and suppliers, supplier management isn’t required in BuiltGrid. Trades and suppliers manage their own settings for jobs, quality, services, regions, licensing, insurance, credentials, team and business processes.

You can be confident about trades and suppliers in the network as they were invited by other builders who have existing working relationships.

BuiltGrid connects every builder, trade and supplier in the residential construction industry

Everyone, everything all in one location

Home building efficiency is maximised when business processes are connected. That’s what we’re doing at BuiltGrid. Builders, trades, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and service businesses manage their own settings, reflecting the way they work. The platform connects business processes by creating visibility of events and activities that enhance the residential construction supply chain.

Builder Procurement and Project Management System

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