While the challenge of managing your construction procurement processes on a stringent budget is an uphill one, it has an app for that.

Construction procurement solutions are the modern-day answer to the problem of effectively stretching admin budgets while addressing concerns and supporting employees to perform at a peak level. 

But how do construction businesses and builders sift through the plethora of software solutions available? How do you determine which application offers the services most suit your needs? More importantly, how do you know which providers offer the best bang for your buck?

This article will explore 22 top-rated construction procurement solutions to help you choose the right one to work with.

Procurify spend management cloud platform

Procurify’s procurement software provides a structured method to obtain and track approvals for spending. In addition, they organise all your purchasing and spend documents, enhance the data already in your accounting system, and manage them.

Felix vendor management and procurement software

A robust platform was constructed to supply the construction industry with procurement and vendor management services. Using globally, Felix may save you up to 70% of the time spent performing routine tasks.

ProcurePro Construction procurement simplified

ProcurePro redefines the procurement procedure, ensuring all projects are uniform. Risk identification is an immediate priority, real-time visibility across all projects is available, the centralised scope of work libraries is accessible, subcontractor comparisons and approvals are feasible, and contracts are created and signed electronically.

Moxo Workflow Management

Moxo’s Client Interaction Hub provides a stylish way of serving clients in a digital world by automating everyday tasks. The hub offers a single window to streamline project management, workflow management, and the responsiveness of your team.

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Make it possible for all construction companies to connect via connected teams, workflows, and data to manage projects more efficiently and empower builders to work together more effectively. Every project team can be brought together from design to turnover on a single construction management software solution. Projects can be handled more efficiently by collaborating with individuals who work from the same source of truth.

Nexvia Cloud Estimating & Tendering

Nexvia’s construction estimating and tendering software provides several advanced capabilities to help construct accurate estimates and complete bids using existing data. It lets you create new budgets and estimates based on existing data, select superior suppliers and contractors, submit and track tenders directly from your tender pricing software, and build and compare quotes based on different factors.


Project efficiency and accountability are dramatically increased by using Procore’s versatile project management tools. This real-time data and accessibility minimises costly risks and delays, ultimately boosting profits. 2 Million Procore users worldwide utilise their award-winning project management software to manage all construction projects, from industrial plants to office buildings to apartment complexes to university facilities and retail establishments.

InEight Construction Technology Software

Customers worldwide rely on InEight’s real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle because it delivers field-tested construction project management software for the owners, contractors, engineers, and architects building the world. It’s not just about developing software; it’s about ensuring you have the information you need when and where you need it.


Medius helps construction firms manage their expenditure. Using Medius’s e-procurement and finance solutions, contractors can simplify complex construction industry processes, save money, and keep projects on track. You’re covered from contractor compliance to appropriate materials arriving at the job site.

Access Construction Management Procurement Software

Using EasyBuild’s construction management procurement software, you can reduce errors, save money, and increase profit. From beginning to end, the EasyBuild procurement management software makes handling the procurement process more accessible and innovative.

4Castplus project procurement and subcontracting

The powerful features and intelligent workflows of 4castplus construction procurement software make it ideal for handling demanding construction projects. Your teams will have greater visibility and control thanks to this software’s powerful features and intelligent workflows.

Procurement Flow 

‍Due to the mess inside their mailbox, most Procurement Managers’ actual value is spent organising and visualising their daily work and collaboration. With ProcurementFlow, they can quickly contain and imagine their daily work and collaboration as everything is digitised and made simple. Only then can they start seeing the big picture and finding ways to create more business value for their company.

Conwize Construction Bidding Software

Using Conwize’s comprehensive platform, you can bid and estimate processes more effectively and efficiently than ever without using Excel. You can win more tenders and execute them profitably using Conwize. It’s time to get out of Excel and use Conwize’s comprehensive platform to help you manage tenders more effectively and efficiently.

Tradeogram procurement software for construction

Tradogram is often considered one of the best procurement software solutions by the construction industry. It lowers costs, boosts profitability, and reduces efficiency by assisting contractors to complete projects under budget. In addition, order management is streamlined using sophisticated procurement tools and features. New contracts are continually being issued using sophisticated procurement tools and features.


Workbench develops project management solutions based on leading technology, industry knowledge, and extensive experience. They have the abilities and software to improve your current enterprise’s value. In addition, they greatly pleasure assisting their customers to reach their objectives using Workbench.


High-performance teams use Precoro to eliminate error-prone manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, reduce expenses, and focus on what matters.

Ivalua Procurement for Construction & Engineering

Ivalua’s single-user work package procurement, supply chain risk monitoring, and budget reconciliation solution are particularly helpful to construction and engineering firms. As a result, Ivalua can assist the world’s most prominent organisations to deliver significant gains in the procurement process from source to payment to boost profit.


Viewpoint construction procurement solutions make managing Procure-to-pay Processes For Subs And Materials more accessible than ever. ViewpointOne automates business purchasing reviews and approvals using automated workflows to boost productivity and speed up the process.

Hexagon Ecosys

No matter how big or small your projects are or what project they are, you can save money, reduce delays and increase profits by using EcoSys project controls and management standards.

Prokuria Construction Sourcing & Supplier Management

Modern strategic sourcing and supplier management should be automated, collaborative, and straightforward. That’s why procurement teams in manufacturing rely on Prokuria. Prokuria facilitates team collaboration through an intuitive interface that simplifies performing more without getting bogged down in manual processes, traditional spreadsheet software, email chains, or legacy solutions.


Chalkstring believes in fostering long-term business relationships with its clients and listens carefully to their product feedback. As a result, they constantly deliver unique solutions to construction industry problems, giving clients a competitive edge.


Harness the power of a fully integrated construction procurement software solution to drive buying efficiency, cost savings and insightful reporting. Work collaboratively with your supply chain through the Digital supply chain portal.

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