In the ebbs and flows of the residential construction industry, it is too easy to fall into the trap of complacency when times are good. When the phone is ringing and the orders are rolling in, the temptation to simply add manpower to keep up with demand can be all too easy. However, this approach often overlooks the proper drivers of long-term success: adaptability, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Too often, we’ve seen businesses succumb to the allure of expanding their workforce rather than evaluating and optimising their operations. The excuse of being “too busy” protects against the necessity of change. However, as we all know, things can change instantly, and those who have stifled innovation can only sit and watch as the phones stop ringing and the orders dry up. It leaves them with costly teams with misaligned skill sets and tough decisions that should have been made long ago.

It’s during the tough times that the true innovators shine. When margins tighten and competition is fierce, companies are forced to refine every aspect of their operations. Suddenly, the focus shifts from simply keeping up with demand to looking at key performance indicators like conversion rates and cost of acquisition, then reducing operational expenses and asking questions of business development.

In these times, great businesses that value continuous improvement, regardless of the economic climate, stand out. They achieve this with consistent market reviews and applying the latest tools at their disposal. They review operational processes, smoothing inefficiencies and implementing innovative solutions that streamline workflows. It has been proven time and time again that the adoption of new technologies and processes delivers better results, even when it means ignoring traditional processes and disrupting the status quo.

When you adopt BuiltGrid as your preferred channel to receive quote requests and orders from existing home builder clients and source new builders, you implement a system that will transform your business. We’re providing an opportunity to lower your cost of builder acquisition, improve your conversion rates, and reduce your operating expenses so you can grow your business through the industry’s inevitable ebbs and flows.

Increase efficiency and improve your bottom line with BuiltGrid. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stay ahead of the curve, no matter what the future holds.

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