How does the BuiltGrid network operate?

BuiltGrid is Australia’s largest supplier network. We connect builders with trusted suppliers, trades and services. Builders list their projects with the jobs and scope they require with trades and suppliers that are matched to the location and work they want.

Can anyone join BuildGrid?

BuiltGrid is for trades and suppliers that work with registered builders on residential construction projects. You will need an active ABN to complete the free sign-up.

How do builders gain 8.75%?

Since you use a better procurement process and operate more efficiently, we see opex gains of 9%+.

Does it cost my suppliers?

When you add your suppliers and trades to the BuiltGrid network or connect with them after sign-up, they will not pay any fees when they are awarded your work by you. They have optional paid plans if they want to

How does BuiltGrid make money if it’s free t...

Builders, trades and suppliers use BuiltGrid without cost. We make money from trades and suppliers who choose optional paid plans to win new work.