Thanks to the fast pace of construction, businesses increasingly need to rely on technology to support their business activities. This increased reliance has created a need for the optimised management of the day-to-day running of construction businesses. 

That’s why we created this list. If you’re looking for the best construction software, here’s our list of construction solutions for construction companies. 

Builder Trend

Starting in 2006, Buildertrend has significantly influenced the development of the construction business, helping it to leave behind the traditional way of working and move into a newer, more innovative model. Today, it is the go-to project management program used by contractors, renovators, and other professionals in the industry worldwide.


Buildxact is a tech firm devoted to creating resources to link homeowners to contractors and constructors to their vendors. Their goal is to be known for promoting the home construction sector through creativity. Their prize-winning software enhances the housing construction sector, which is beneficial for all.


Databuild is an all-in-one building business software program developed and crafted in Australia. It’s not surprising that it’s become so popular; celebrating 40 years of success in the building and construction industry, Databuild is committed to continuously evolving it’s industry-specific estimating, accounting and payroll software. The company has an in-depth understanding of the entire procedure of building and the competitive demands businesses face.


CoConstruct creates simple-to-utilise software programs and top-notch assistance to assist residential custom home builders, and remodelers in creating satisfying experiences for themselves and their customers. Since 2004, they have aided more than 100,000 construction personnel complete over 400,000 jobs.

Blue Beam

Bluebeam, Inc. has been a significant player in the progression of digital technology in the construction industry since 2002. Subsequently, in 2014, we became a part of Nemetschek, thus being able to establish connections with different architects, engineers, constructors, and operations personnel in numerous countries. As a result, more than 2 million individuals in over 160 countries are utilising Bluebeam applications to annotate, cooperate, and complete their projects throughout all stages of the project life cycle.


STACK Construction Technologies offers top-notch takeoff and estimating software for commercial builders. Their convenient, web-based system assists users in modernising the pre-construction process by allowing them to precisely gauge digital blueprints, cooperate with colleagues, customise materials and rates, and promptly complete project valuations.


Procore has created a suite of software that assists organisations in augmenting their project productivity and responsibility. It helps to optimise and expedite communication and records, thus decreasing potential expensive risks and hold-ups, leading to higher gains. This is evident as 2 Million users from all over the world rely on Procore to manage construction projects like factories, offices, residential complexes, educational institutions, retail areas and more.


In 2014, Keith, the cofounder of ConX, was in charge of a contracting business. Each day after work, he would stay late in the “office” to look for new jobs. Since he knew there must be an easier way to manage the pre-construction process, he came up with the idea of ConX. 

Keith, Annie, and JC spent many late nights creating an MVP and soon enough, the ConX membership had grown to thousands of people and hundreds of jobs. In 2017, JS joined the team, and they raised funds to develop the ConX tools further. 

Now, ConX is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides simple and cost-effective estimating and tender management solutions tailored to builders and subcontractors similar to Keith, with satisfied customers worldwide.


ClickHome is designed to streamline all aspects of your construction business, from making sales to honouring warranties. It has a user-friendly interface that allows every lead, customer, and staff member to follow the same protocols. This will be of great advantage to you, as it helps regulate the quality of your work and automates specific tasks, allowing you to save time and money.

Companion Systems 

Established in 2002, Companion Systems had a mission to create solutions to optimise industries that paper-based or inflexible systems had limited. The primary office is in Parramatta, but there are also locations in Perth, Western Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. 

A handful of years after the company began, a few emerging residential construction pioneers thoroughly examined the solution. They decided to go with it compared to other options. These builders are still using the software as their project workflow platform, and quite a few are now among Australia’s most prominent home builders.


BuildingConnected offers the most extensive interconnected platform in commercial construction, assisting developers to save money and enhance precision while taking care of bids. BC Pro helps primary contractors and proprietors to locate the correct subcontractors for each obligation, send out tailored bid requests, and detect the most appropriate bid.

Bid Board Pro assists subcontractors in securing more employment by monitoring bid requests, keeping up with due dates, and controlling workloads in the entire firm from a single source.

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud brings together multiple solutions to aid construction teams, from design to operations, to make the process more secure and sustainable. To prevent the risk of conflicting information, crews working on the project must collaborate with the same access to necessary documentation and data. Autodesk created its portfolio with an in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements of each part of the workflow.

Their priority is developing software that reduces the amount of time needed, increases the clarity of the project, and is pleasant to use. This has resulted in a set of tools that can tackle various problems independently and be even more effective when used together. The system links up the office, the trailer, and those in the field throughout the lifespan of the building project.


Rhumbix is a business that focuses on tracking time and resources, overseeing operations, and providing compliance reports for industrial, commercial, and government construction and maintenance projects of medium to large scale in North America.

Established and directed by veterans, Rhumbix is revolutionising how the built world is constructed, operated, and managed by reducing the gap between field reporting, data analysis, and construction understanding.


Briq is a technology-based service that helps construction businesses increase their productivity and gain more profit. It does this by connecting, organising and optimising the people, processes and software construction companies use to run their operations.

As a result, Briq allows these companies to make more informed decisions, and many rely on it to manage their budget and plan and monitor their spending. The company was established in 2018 and had a remote workforce with employees all over the globe.

Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu has been created to make current processes more efficient and to allow project members to collaborate in real time with customisable editing features. This application permits users to take scanned pictures and convert them into documents that are easy to search for. In addition, Bluebeam Revu provides annotation tools to add words, comments, CAD drawings, stamps, and highlights to documents. It is also possible to insert pictures and videos into the annotations.

Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro is a comprehensive tool for businesses of all sizes, offering a centralised lead and project management platform. This solution provides various features, such as project management, client dashboards, online payment processing, project mood boards, and white-labelled communications. Furthermore, Houzz Pro offers unique insights to empower business owners.

Solo Assist

In 2006, a builder had a dream to set up a quicker and simpler system and founded SoloAssist. Now, it has developed from a small-scale building organisation’s internal estimating tool to a renowned software building company that is acknowledged across the country.

The SoloAssist range of products has become very popular in the small-to-medium-size building industry. The company’s philosophy is straightforward but effective: to give users an easy, relevant, efficient, and user-friendly system by understanding the needs of builders, subcontractors, and vendors and the requirement to use technology in the construction sector to enhance business systems and stay competitive.

Next Minute 

Many of their acquaintances are contractors and labourers, and they were fed up with seeing them struggle to manage the paperwork for their construction projects. They are excellent at completing the work but must be proficient in the administrative tasks required to run a successful business.

Activities such as invoicing and quoting should be straightforward and could be done in a jiffy rather than waiting until the children are asleep.


Tradify is a software program designed for businesses in the trade and service industries, like electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and building and construction. It helps them manage and monitor their work, from the initial quotation to the final invoice, in real-time.

The program gives an overall view of their workload, making it easier to track and arrange jobs, and stay informed on the ones that are due, overdue, or scheduled next.


BuildIT is a cloud-based solution specifically developed for small and midsize companies in the construction sector. Its features include a construction timetable, contact management, job assignment, appointment organisation, document library, emails/notes, pre-made and custom schedule templates, and user authorisation. The construction scheduling component presents users with Gantt charts, calendars, and list views for project management.

Tasks can be reassigned, shared, and rescheduled remotely. The contact database provides a centralised location for contacts, job attribution, import/export of contacts, and communication with them via email, fax, SMS and documents. BuildIT runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Technical support is provided via email and telephone. Users can also view tutorial videos, participate in chat support, and utilise on-demand training.

BuildSoft Pro

In 2006, BuildSoft was taken over by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the leading provider of home construction software in North America. Constellation has consistently upgraded the product in terms of its features and technology and recently launched the new version of BuildSoft Pro. This integrated system provides accounting, estimating, job cost and project management services for residential builders and remodelers.


Constructor is a complete Sales, Estimating, and Accounting package for residential home builders. As seen in the building process, the system moves from step to step in a systematic sequence. Because it works in the same manner as you do, you will find it simple to use.

Hyphen Solutions

Hyphen Solutions has been providing software solutions for the home building industry for more than 20 years. Because their tools offer the most significant amount of visibility and the most collaborative platform, home builders, manufacturers, and suppliers use their software daily. Please watch their latest video to learn more!

UDA Technologies

UDA Technologies, a global leader in construction technology, software, application development, and architectural services for architects, is headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, an hour’s drive from Atlanta. Auburn University, one of the nation’s leading engineering, information technology, and architectural schools, plays a big part in UDA’s success, allowing UDA to employ a team of technology experts.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor facilitates the coordination of all phases of construction and servicing management without the need for complex installation. Sage 100 Contractor makes it simple for small to mid-sized contractors to run their businesses efficiently by providing easy access to critical business and project information.


The construction industry is a significant part of the global economy, but it may affect our work lives more than anything else. We live and work in buildings and travel to work or vacation destinations, the outputs of this industry surround us, and it touches our lives in so many ways. But the industry is also struggling with cost and time overruns, which can be resolved with modern technology.

Mobile and cloud technology, along with a better understanding of data mining and decision-making, can address these challenges. It’s time for someone to create a brand-new, innovative approach to construction, connecting workers on the job with people in the office and all machines and sensors so that all equipment works perfectly and smoothly.

House Flipping Spreadsheet

It is an on-premises construction estimation application that assists real estate investors and flippers in managing various aspects of the flipping process. Key features include project management, project accounting, and expenditure tracking. The project cost analyser component, which enables users to view home acquisition, holding, sale, and repair costs to calculate sales prices, is included in House Flipping Spreadsheet.

The solution also consists of a repair cost estimator and calculators for wholesale and rental activities. Users can generate customised reports such as financial reports, lender presentation reports, alternative strategy reports, and project management and project management reporting modules. Project management and reporting facilities include a project scheduler, contact manager, and task manager. The project accounting functionality allows users to budget expenses and forecast repairs and project costs.

In addition to accounting features, which will enable them to budget expenses and forecast repairs and project costs, House Flipping Spreadsheet provides project management and reporting functions. Users may use the project manager and contact manager modules to handle project scheduling and management. The task manager is also available. It includes a project schedule, a contact manager, and a cost manager. Project costs, budgeted expenses, and anticipated repair costs are generally in the finance module. The House Flippy Spreadsheet solution includes various features, including a project manager and budget manager modules. It allows users to view the cost of a home and the anticipated repair cost.


AroFlo is a complete job management system for businesses that operate in trade and service professions. It tracks jobs from the first quotation until the final invoice. AroFlo supports trade experts in connecting colleagues throughout their field and office, making complex work more straightforward, and improving payouts. With AroPoint GPS tracking, you may view your fleet and program your nearest technician to an appointment with AroFlo. Drag and drop staff to jobs and their time is updated in real-time.

You may see where your workforce and resources are utilised with AroPoint GPS tracking. It is simple to book time, vehicles, and other resources directly against a task with AroPoint. Ensure you get all billable hours and labour with AroPoint.


They save time by simplifying the procedure, enhancing team cooperation, lowering the client experience, producing better estimates and stunning proposals, and so much more. Every feature is designed in a straightforward, modern interface, making it easy to learn and use. BuildBook enables team members to cooperate on projects and remind clients about upcoming payments.

The platform allows users to track tasks using punch lists and access proposals, contracts, change orders and budgets in a unified setting. Additionally, it provides Gantt and construction estimate templates, which provide professional builders with customisable project schedules. BuildBook is available on monthly and yearly subs for Android and iOS devices. It offers documents, assignments, and communication with clients or teammates anywhere they are.


A trade contractor’s integrated cloud-based solution, Bolt, helps simplify project management, scheduling, and estimating by integrating existing software. In addition to working without whiteboards and paperwork, you can instantly access job information, schedules, and job profitability from your mobile device with this software. All your critical job documents are stored securely in the cloud, allowing you to find the answers you need in seconds.

You can create crew schedules online and access daily job documents and tasks on your mobile device. Using the pull feature, you can input work orders directly from various builder platforms. QuickBooks, Sage 300, and other popular accounting programmes can be integrated with Bolt to produce invoices. With Bolt, mechanical and specialist contractors can more efficiently manage their jobs, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, framing, painting, flooring, drywall, insulation, concrete, landscaping, and more.


BrickControl is a cloud-based software programme that allows you to manage your construction projects exceptionally and straightforwardly. You can create estimates with the proper structure (levels, jobs, and resources), certificates, planning (Gantt), orders, invoices, timesheets, warehouses, and indicators. It is available from anywhere and on any device.

BrickControl includes an integrated REST API with your accounting programme. It integrates with your accounting system through REST API. Bricks are ideal for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises that need to be in charge of everything. Even with just one user, medium-sized enterprises may have all their tasks tracked, and large firms may have integrations with BrickControl.


It’s an enterprise resource management (ERP) and data management system for homebuilders and real estate developers that use a single database. All functions, procedures, and people are connected to the cloud-based system. All of the tasks in the application, from salespeople to purchasing agents to field personnel to superintendents, can communicate in real-time.

Project scheduling, service management, bid management, accounting, and customer management are among the modules available. The same data is shared among salespeople, who can log on and share their information with other parties involved in their business operations. Home builders can use MarkSystems to store, log in, and share their data with other parties involved in their business operations.

Trades partners, home buyers, lenders, and homeowners can all be accessed via personal portals. In addition, MarkSystems is available with features to track LEED-qualified improvements and ensure quality housing. Trade partners, homebuyers, and homeowners may also be contacted via personal portals.


FlipperForce is a web-based program that helps house flippers and real estate investors profit from distressed properties by buying, renovating and reselling them. It offers a range of features, including a rehab cost calculator and deal analysis tools, to help users get a sense of possible deals and determine the maximum purchase price offered.

Rehab cost estimates can be generated using the pre-built pricing databases provided by the rehab estimator tool, which are accessible online from any device. FlipperForce is accessible on a monthly or yearly subscription and can be used on any device.


Businesses in manufacturing, service and construction industries can automate the entire enterprise resource planning process using Archdesk, a cloud-based solution. Archdesk integrates budget tracking, accounting integration, customer relationship management, equipment tracking, estimating, and purchase orders across the organisation.

Automation of processes like accounting, fleet tracking, employee scheduling, progress monitoring, and more is possible with Archdesk. Additionally, businesses may track inventory by assigning specific items to each, increasing operational efficiency across construction pipelines.

To make transparency across the organisation possible, Archdesk helps maintain to-do lists, categorise them into groups, assign tasks and display them on a unified dashboard. Pricing is available on request, and support is offered via email.


RoomSketcher is a cloud-based tool that enables users to design and draft floor plans in English, Danish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish. It is intended for real estate, interior design, property development, and management professionals. This tool is popular among tech-savvy homeowners, and furniture, fixture, and fitting manufacturers.

Users may either draw their floor plans or rely on the developer’s white-glove service. Users can create black-and-white 2D floor plans with built-in measurements and upload blueprints as templates. They can also choose from a selection of 3D floor plans with branding, disclaimers, and texture variations for home design and remodelling projects.


FinishLine is a cloud-based inspection management solution that assists constructors, architects, and project managers in developing work orders and streamlining construction procedures. The dashboard on the platform lets users view ongoing tasks, evaluate projects’ success rates, and generate reports using key metrics.

It allows enterprises to add inventory costs to the database and calculate material expense monitoring. FinishLine enables managers to create reactive/proactive lists to identify problems and manage quality control processes.

Field employees can also record observations and include photographs or comments on their task lists, resulting in a more unified workflow. Enterprises can export critical documents from Procore via FinishLine. It can be integrated with Procore, which provides additional support. Pricing and support may be requested via email, telephone, or other internet channels.

Space Designer 3D

Space Designer is an online architectural space-planning suite that lets users create three-dimensional visuals of their projects. Space Designer’s easy-to-use technology is accessible to new and veteran users. It is used by event designers, realtors, furniture retailers, communication agencies, and interior designers, to name a few.

Users may draw an architectural project in Space Designer 3D in seconds. A modular system is used, with new tools and custom interfaces being added as companies. A variety of measurements, including object dimensions, products, and quantities, are included in the inventory list for every project.

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