Network custom builders and their suppliers, trades and services. Network The procurement network that maximises profit for residential custom builders and their suppliers, trades and services. The procurement network that maximises profit for residential

Easy procurement reduces errors and gives back time

BuiltGrid Procurement


Response times and quoting accuracy is much improved with builders and suppliers having access to project documentation, quote request inclusions and digital job orders.


Use one system of procurement covering 300+ jobs from project approval to handover, with support for multiple supply methods, fixed price contracts and quotes.


Structured project views and communications like messaging, notifications and confirmations reduce the need for phone and email and improved job site activity.


Delays, onsite damage and rework is minimised with systemised management of supplier lead times, call-up messaging and updates.


Every project is different. Builders and suppliers working closely is vital to delivering a successful project. A clear structure across all trades, services and materials leads to greater innovation and efficient process, which ensures everyone reaches their goals. Using this approach will help us develop a sustainable residential construction industry.


With a view of every project and updated schedules, builders help trades, services and material suppliers to be planned and prepared.

BuiltGrid platform visibility enhances information sharing, improves inventory demand planning and resource management for the entire industry.


We’ve built an easy-to-use network that reduces office work and allows builders and suppliers to focus their time where it is most valuable. Using BuiltGrid for purchasing, job workflow and administration will strengthen your partnerships while stripping operational expenses.


Builders and suppliers working efficiently to remove layers of cost

Residential construction is a complicated industry, with many moving parts. After working in the industry for more than two decades, the BuiltGrid founders are uniting builders and suppliers to improve efficiencies and remove layers of cost.

The BuiltGrid network introduces new levels of collaboration, visibility and automation to every build site. Our team thrives on providing value to all market participants and establish a sustainable residential construction industry.

Our Team

BuiltGrid founders have multi-industry and multi-disciplinary experience that brings a differentiated approach to construction industry challenges. Our work in maximising process efficiencies will improve housing affordability for future generations. We’re attracting talented team members that share our vision.



Toby Loft

CEO & Co-founder


Toby is known as a visionary and customer-focused strategist and leader that has driven transformation through the construction supply chain and developed a market-leading strategy at Australia’s largest trade distributor. His strong communication, negotiation and execution skills have gained contracted commitments at the highest executive levels, including many ASX100 companies. Toby maximises value from available resources and leverages digital technologies to drive outcomes for all parties.


Otavio Nestares

Chief Technology Officer


Otavio has been working with technology for over 22 years, developing software for large South American companies, primarily for marketing programs focused on customer relationships.

Since 2006, he has fulfilled CTO roles as a founder and senior executive, building engineering teams to service some of the largest marketing programs in Latin America like Cosan, Bridgestone, Dow, VisaNet, HP, Pepsi. As a full stack developer, he still loves solving big problems with smart tech.


John Murphy

MD & Co-founder


John has driven change across multiple industries, founding electronic trading and cataloguing platforms in construction and health supply chains. He has assisted technology startups in strategy, marketing and product development on five continents and is well versed in international technology trends and commercialisation.  Prior to BuiltGrid, John led initiatives to enhance international trade using blockchain technology, and established a new B2B construction technology platform for Metcash/Mitre 10.


Our team is regularly engaging with industry bodies, construction professionals and related technology businesses. Let’s connect, understand each others business model, unlock new opportunities and grow together.