Construction supply chain platform that gets homes built faster

We’re creating a connected and efficient residential construction supply chain to provide more affordable and sufficient housing for future generations.

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BuiltGrid Supply Chain Integrated Solution

Our vision and mission

A connected construction supply chain that efficiently utilises capability and scarce resources to build more homes.

60% of the housing required by 2050 is yet to be built.

While construction is one of the largest industries, it is also one of the most inefficient. The ever-expanding complexities of construction put pressure on market participants, who are mostly small business owners.

BuiltGrid tech connects a disparate construction industry supply chain with builders who control procurement. Our tech has been built from years of industry consultation to bring productivity benefits to both sides of a transaction, and to create greater building capacity.


We match supplier capability with home builders to enhance visibility and optimise time. More homes will be built on time and under budget with BuiltGrid.

Building materials delays, rework and labour shortages can all be solved with a coherent supply chain. Our collaboration, visibility and automation tools save time, reduce errors and improve operating margins. Trades and suppliers are connected to work demand and builders have an extended supplier network to construct more homes.

We make work easier for builders and suppliers, saving them weeks on every project. These savings are inevitably passed onto consumers, reducing the cost of home ownership.

Connect with thousands of builders, trades and suppliers

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Partner With Us

We work closely with government, and industry

Our tech has been built from years of industry and government consultation  including associations, builders, trades, suppliers and technology across residential construction.

Our Team

BuiltGrid founders have multi-industry and multi-disciplinary experience that brings a differentiated approach to construction industry challenges. Our team is driven by a worthy cause, to drive supply chain efficiencies and improve housing affordability for future generations.