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About BuiltGrid

Build more homes, efficiently.

We’re creating a connected and efficient residential construction supply chain to provide more affordable and sufficient housing for future generations.

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Our Vision & Mission

In 2019, BuiltGrid founders envisioned an end-to-end building management platform that would efficiently leverage industry capacity to build more homes. Let us share our vision and mission that drives the BuiltGrid team.

Our Vision

A connected supply chain that maximises capacity and reduces the housing deficit

In past years the global residential construction supply chain has experienced supply shortages and materials increases of 40%+. How are we to reduce the growing housing deficit (740k in Australia) if some of the core building processes are dysfunctional?

BuiltGrid is seeking to solve inherent procurement problems by providing tools for collaboration, visibility and automation which will save time, improve operating margins and allow builders to construct more homes.
BuiltGrid is reducing Australia's housing deficit by making the residential construction industry the most efficient globally.


Our Mission

We empower builders with a unique framework and tools to match supplier capability, optimise time and enhance visibility. More homes will be built on schedule and within budget with BuiltGrid.

While construction is one of the largest industries, it is also one of the most inefficient. Many problems are caused by a disconnected supply chain so we’ve redesigned housing project management and used software technology to streamline the process.

We make work easier for builders and suppliers, saving them weeks on every project. These savings are inevitably passed onto consumers, reducing the cost of home ownership.

We’re working closely with government, industry, technology partners, builders, trades and suppliers across residential construction.

Our core principles

Smart automation

Most builders and suppliers didn’t choose to spend hours in front of screens and doing admin every day. Removing repetitive tasks and admin from everyone’s day will focus their time where it is most valuable. Connecting the business processes of all market participants aligns timely and valuable actions that strengthen partnerships and a lean sustainable industry.

Keep business operations simple

As soon as a builder contracts a project, it gets listed and the quote cycle begins. Orders lock in price and supply months ahead of schedule for the entire project. This process removes weeks of project admin, streamlines the supply chain and connects the builder with the best trades and suppliers. Collectively, this process generates savings of 8.75%+ on every project.

Encourage collaboration

Builders and suppliers working closely is vital to delivering projects on time and budget. A standardised scope of works provides a common language for trades, services and materials suppliers. Quotes, orders and job management based on this structure leads to more efficient execution and helps all parties reach their goals.

Connected visibility

Sharing a clear view of activities and project schedules helps trades, services and materials suppliers plan and prepare for each of their builder customer needs. Early order confirmations, communication and regular job status updates keeps the supply side of the industry in sync with demand planning, inventory requirements and resource management.

Our values

Our values guide our business, product development, and brand. As BuiltGrid continues to evolve and grow, these values will always remain constant.

Openness is a core value for us. We feel it's best to be direct. We are open and believe that sharing ideas opens new opportunities and allows us to think differently.

Our customer's perspective is our top priority. As builders and their suppliers are both customers for us, we are attentive to their varying needs and supporting tens of thousands of business processes. If your builder or supplier doesn't want to improve their business process, they are probably not a good partner for the future.

We’re driven by innovation, which means we’re constantly testing our assumptions.. Through iteration, we aim to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways. Learning fast gets us to innovation faster.

While we’re serious about improving the residential construction supply chain, we spend a lot of time at work. The less time it feels like work, the better for our team. We are constantly adapting as a team to work together and bring positive change to the industry.


Our Team

BuiltGrid founders have multi-industry and multi-disciplinary experience that brings a differentiated approach to construction industry challenges. Our work in maximising process efficiencies will improve housing affordability for future generations. We're attracting talented team members that share our vision.