Uniting Builders and Suppliers to Strengthen Residential Construction

Residential construction is complex and the underlying supply chain has many moving parts. After working in the industry for two decades, BuiltGrid founders identified practices, business processes and cost layers causing industry-wide inefficiency. The BuiltGrid project provides the necessary digital tooling to establish a coherent supply chain, resulting in new levels of collaboration, visibility and automation.

Our team thrives on providing value so all market participants to win, creating a sustainable residential construction industry, driving affordability for future generations. The team is working closely with industry bodies, construction professionals and technology businesses. We invite you to partner with us.

The BuiltGrid Team

Driving efficiency in the residential construction supply chain 
Toby Loft

Co-founder & CEO


Toby is known as a visionary and customer-focused strategist and leader that has driven transformation through his own electrical business, the construction supply chain and developed a market-leading strategy at Australia’s largest trade distributor. His strong communication, negotiation and execution skills have gained contracted commitments at the highest executive levels, including many ASX100 companies. Toby maximises value from available resources and leverages digital technologies to drive outcomes for all parties.

John Murphy

Co-founder & MD


John has driven change across multiple industries, inventing electronic trading and cataloguing platforms in construction and health supply chains. He has assisted technology startups in strategy, marketing and product development on five continents and is well versed in international technology trends and commercialisation. Recently, John led two initiatives - enhancing international trade using blockchain technology, and establishing a new B2B construction technology platform for Metcash/Mitre 10.

Our people

Our growing, powerful team of contributors include full time engineers, construction project managers, marketers, consultants and industry advisors.

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Our team is constantly engaging with industry bodies, construction professionals and technology businesses. Let's connect, understand each others business model, unlock new opportunities and grow together.